Unconditional Love in Holistic Healing. Is it possible?

Unconditional love is a concept that is hard to grasp, at least outside of the nurturing love we may feel for our children, or the love our parents give us. Love without requirements, conditions, rules, or expectations is usually reserved for our families and close friends.  And even then, we may expect something in return, and reciprocity is not only an expectation, but a requirement in our most intimate relationships.  So, how is it possible for me to say Reiki calls the master to be a conduit for unconditional, universal life force energy and love

I want to start by saying that I can, and do, provide unconditional love for my clients.  I am just a person passing along this energy, an energy that by the very nature of its being, is nurturing, loving and compassionate. The reason I am able to do this is primarily twofold.  

One, unconditional love, positive regard, and compassion for a client does not mean unconditional acceptance for unhealthy behavior.  It does not mean I need to accept or support someone’s decision making.  It does not mean I have to allow for the crossing of my healthy boundaries.  That is acceptance.  Love is very different.  It is foundational to any healing.  Safety, love, and connectedness are mixed into a holistic healing session with an attuned and loving practitioner, pouring this foundation upon which the client can allow, and be open to this energy, and ultimately, open to their own healing.

The way I explain holistic healing is this; You are your house.  You are beginning to love your house.  You are going from room to room, maybe opening doors to rooms that you have long closed, or never opened to begin with.  Maybe it is your heart.  You open the door and step in, pulling the sheets off the windows, exposing radiant light that instantly bathes this room in warmth.  You pull sheets off of furniture, exposing the beauty that was always there, hidden, and you feel so good.  You love this room! But, as you look down, you see that, with the removal of the covers and exposure to this loving light, some debris has settled on the floor.  In order to keep your house happy, balanced, grounded and bright, you know you must tend to this debris.  And you can.  Because you can see it now in the light.  I pour into you love and light, but it is only within your power to remove the sheets and let it in.  And it is only within your power to tend to your debris.  It is your house.  Not mine. That is empowerment. That is healing.  That is unconditional love.  

The fact that your house is not mine is the second way in which  unconditional love is possible in holistic healing sessions.  I honor the dignity of your journey. Even when it takes you through hardships.  There is dignity in all of it.  I have my own journey.  We can choose to walk alongside each other for a moment, but never do we intertwine our journeys.  I divorce myself from the outcome of your session.  I want very much for you to have a positive experience, but it is your experience.  My ego is not involved, the need to “fix” you is non-existent.  And, unlike an intimate relationship where it is expected, I do not need or desire reciprocity.  Reciprocity of love in relationships usually means giving and receiving love in equal measure.  In my role, I need nothing in return.  Because it is not about me.  My heart is balanced.  I give love to myself in equal measure to the love I give out to others.  If I needed anything from a client, including praise, I would be out of balance as a master practitioner and would not be serving anyone’s highest good.  

The power is in you.  It is in the innate desire to balance, to seek homeostasis, through asking for help, for practicing self care, it is all in your self empowerment to choose the tools with which you heal and grow.  Unconditional love from an experienced, attuned and balanced practitioner is always an option.  If your house is built on a crumbling foundation, and you need to strengthen it so you can tend to it better, remember, love is a foundation for healing.  Unconditional love is possible.  

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