Exclusive IOP Program

Our one-of-a-kind Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), meticulously designed and exclusively offered within the serene, spa-like ambiance of Mind Dojo. Our multidisciplinary approach seamlessly blends Western and Eastern medicine, offering you an exceptional, holistic healing journey that’s entirely unique to us.

Customized Holistic Services

We offer individual holistic services tailored to your unique well-being. Our personalized approach empowers you to take profound strides toward your mental, physical, and spiritual goals. Let us guide you on a transformative path where dedicated effort meets unwavering support.

Addition Intervention

Discover a harmonious path to recovery with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) at Mind Dojo. Our serene approach integrates medications with tailored behavioral therapies, offering a balanced, spa-like experience designed to support your journey towards healing. MAT at Mind Dojo aims to restore your inner peace and strength, blending medical expertise with a tranquil healing environment.

Tailored Therapy & Coaching

We offer a wide range of therapy services rooted in proven methods, such as EMDR, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and Trauma-Informed Therapy, to name a few. Our expertise lies in trauma-informed care, particularly in aiding those affected by deep rooted trauma. Notably, our support is available to crime victims regardless of their insurance status and without requiring any proof or previous involvement with law enforcement.

Guided Medication Solutions

We recognize the significance of medication management in mental health treatment. That’s why we provide meticulous, client-centered medication management services that are as unique as you are. Our seasoned team collaborates closely with you to craft personalized treatment strategies, carefully track your progress, and make any necessary medication refinements.

Discover Your Path

Embark on a journey of change and personal growth. We offer a diverse range of unique, world-class healing options designed to empower you on your path to well-being.

Explore our evidence-based and holistic therapy offerings, exquisitely crafted to meet your individual needs and aspirations.

Destiny is yours to shape.

Begin Your Journey