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Introducing “Straight Outta Therapy,” the podcast hosted by Justin Lokay, co-founder of Mind Dojo. Inspired by his triumph over severe anxiety and depression, Justin aims to revolutionize mental health care with holistic and evidence-based healing. His career spans entrepreneurship, public service, and collaborations with influential figures. As a patient, media expert, and history enthusiast, Justin brings passion to each episode. Join him for expert interviews, pop culture discussions, and compelling stories. Tune in for transformative mental wellness.


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  • Origin Story June 14, 2024
    Welcome to the first episode of "Straight Outta Therapy," where we break down the barriers around mental health with raw, unfiltered conversations. In "Origin Story," your host Justin Lokay shares his personal journey with mental health challenges and the inspiration behind creating Mind Dojo. Straight Outta Therapy | Episode 1
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